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There’s not much better than a cute guy with a 9-inch, uncut cock… That is unless there’s a cute guy with a 9-inch, uncut cock that can fuck himself!  Thankfully, offers someone with that exact talent:  CollegeJock22.

I went into CollegeJock22’s public chat with some pretty high expectations; I mean, after seeing his profile, how could I not.  There he was, just lounging in bed wearing a skimpy, red jock, the thin fabric straining to hold his cock.  That and the images from his profile were all it took for me to decide.  I needed to take CollegeJock22 private; it wasn’t even a choice.

The show quickly began once we were in our private chat.  Still in his jock, CollegeJock22 pulled his legs to his chest, exposing his tight hole.  With his hole on full display, CollegeJock22 slowly began to circle his fingers around the silky skin of his rosebud.  As he applied more and more pressure, his hole gave way and his finger slid deep inside.  CollegeJock22 gasped as his finger entered his hole.  Not yet satisfied with his anal stimulation, CollegeJock22 added an first one then two additional fingers to his hole.  As CollegeJock22 continued to stretch his hole, his cock grew quickly, but he still wanted more. 

Taking hold his semi-erect cock, CollegeJock22 pushed his already massive meat towards his hole.  Using olnly his spit as lube, CollegeJock22 began to slowly push his cock into his well-stretched hole.  Gasping in pleasure, CollegeJock22 began to feverishly fuck himself with his own cock.  The pleasure must have been intense because CollegeJock22’s balls quickly drew close as he pounded himself.  Within mere minutes, CollegeJock22 shot his hot load deep inside his tight hole.  As CollegeJock22 came down from his orgasm, his cock slid from his well-fucked hole allowing his warm, creamy load to flow forth. 

What a show!


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