BIGZEHUZxxl - SuperMen

Body Type:  Athletic

Hair:  Black – Short

Eyes:  Black

Ethnicity:  Latino

Sexual Preference:  Bisexual

WebCam BIGZEHUZxxl SuperMen


I’d taken a sick day from because I just wasn’t feeling well.  Problem was that my cock didn’t seem to get the memo; I was hard as a rock!  In hopes of finally getting some relief, I logged into

After browsing through the guys, I found BIGZEHUZxxl and decided to check out his public chat.  He was already shirtless and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  BIGZEHUZxxl was hot!  Not wanting to waste any time, I immediately started chatting with BIGZEHUZxxl and things quickly became sexual.  Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one in desperate need of some relief.  As we continued to chat, BIGZEHUZxxl slipped his hand out of frame and into his lap.  There was only one thing that BIGZEHUZxxl could be doing:  playing with his cock!  That’s all I needed to see… I took him private.

Once we were alone, BIGZEHUZxxl simply adjusted the camera and showed me exactly he was “up” to.  BIGZEHUZxxl had taken hold of his thick, 7-inch cock and was slowly stroking himself.  Spitting onto his cock, BIGZEHUZxxl began to thrust his cock through his hand, his low-hanging balls swaying with each thrust of his hips.  As he continued to pound his cock into his fist, BIGZEHUZxxl took hold with both hands.  BIGZEHUZxxl plowed his dick through his hands, howling with ecstasy as his balls began to tighten.  If he kept this pace up, he was going to burst!

Without slowing, BIGZEHUZxxl continued to fuck his cock through his fist.  It took but one final thrust, and BIGZEHUZxxl let forth an explosive load.  He had drenched himself in creamy man milk from neck to naval!  Talk about relief.


WebCam SuperMen

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