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Sometimes it’s nice to relinquish control and just let someone else take the reins.  That is precisely what happened last night with BlackLordMaster.

I had signed into just like any other night, when I first saw BlackLordMaster.  There was just something so alluring about him; I entered his public chat.  We started chatting and it quickly became apparent that BlackLordMaster was in charge.  Rather than resisting, I simply went with it.  Whatever BlackLordMaster wanted, I would provide and in turn was rewarded for my obedience. 

“Take your master private, bitch.”

As I said, whatever BlackLordMaster wanted, I obliged.  I took BlackLordMaster private and we continued our role-play.  Once alone, though, BlackLordMaster became more liberal with his clothing.  He began to reward my obedience with the removal of clothing.  Soon BlackLordMaster was no longer wearing anything but his black mask and gloves.  With his massive, uncut meat now on full display, I was willing to do ANYTHING to keep it that way.

“You want this big, black cock?  You want to feel this big dick inside you, you bitch?”

There was nothing I wanted more!  BlackLordMaster began to slowly stroke himself as he continued to instruct me.  As BlackLordMaster tugged at his meat, I watched in angst.  His balls drew close after awhile and he asked if I was ready for Master’s load.  Fuck yeah, I was!  As he commanded me to my knees, BlackLordMaster let forth a torrent of cum, splattering the floor with his milky load.

His last words, “Clean it up, bitch.”


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