It had been a long week with the holiday, so I was looking to just relax a little bit.  I logged into SuperMen.com, and started browsing.  It didn’t take long for me to find 11INCHBOYLATIN and with a name like that there was no resisting.

When I entered the public chat, 11INCHBOYLATIN had the camera focused on his bulging underwear, the thin blue fabric already being stretched by the massive amount of meat below.  After admiring 11INCHBOYLATIN’s package, I decided to strike up a conversation with him.  I tried to keep things fun and flirty, but there was only one thing on my mind as I watched him tug at his meat through his trunks:  that cock!  Rather than waste anymore time talking, I decided to take 11INCHBOYLATIN private.

With the room now all to us, 11INCHBOYLATIN made quick work of those trunks.  He pushed them to the floor, and then immediately began to play with his hefty cock.  His hand tugged quickly at his semi-erect meat until he had elicited the response I had been hoping for.  Now fully erect, 11INCHBOYLATIN struggled to keep hold of his monster cock.  He had the perfect solution to that problem, though.  Grabbing hold with his second hand 11INCHBOYLATIN began slowly thrust his thick, uncut meat through his fists.  The foreskin retracting from his head each time he passed through his fist.  Precum began to slowly pour from his cock, allowing his pace to hasten as he lubed up his hands.  11INCHBOYLATIN was now pummeling his fists full of cock; his balls swinging crazily with each thrust.  As his thrusting continued, though, his moaning intensified and his balls soon tightened.  He was preparing to blast a massive load, and I couldn’t wait to see it.  With one final thrust, 11INCHBOYLATIN let his seed fly, the creamy load drenching everything in sight! 

He ended the show with one final tug of his cock, allowing one last drop of cum to fall from his still engorged cock.


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