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I’d spent all day at work, so when I got home all I wanted to do was get off and get to bed.  I quickly logged in to and started searching.  Within minutes I found JordanJayx and knew he was the one.

I entered JordanJayx’s public chat to find him shirtless in front of the camera.  Within moments I felt a connection with JordanJayx; he was exactly my type:  muscular, tattooed, and straight acting.  As we began to chat, the connection only grew, along with my cock!  I wanted to see all of JordanJayx, and I wanted it now.  I decided to take JordanJayx private, and that’s when the real show began.

As soon as we went private, JordanJayx began to adjust the camera so that I could see more than just his torso.  With his whole body now in frame, he began to slowly push the waistband of his sweats past his hips before letting them fall to the floor.  Allowing me to admire his body, JordanJayx simply stood there in his trunks for a moment.  After he had supplied me with an ample amount of viewing pleasure, JordanJayx decided to take things even further.  With a singular push, he threw his trunks to the floor and let me see everything!  He was perfect!  Seriously if I could have, I’d have gotten down on my knees right there and sucked him off.  But alas I could not, so instead I settled for watching JordanJayx stroke his huge, uncut cock.  He wasted no time getting hard and pleasuring himself.  With his cock in hand, JordanJayx began to pound his meat through his fist.  Moans of immense pleasure began to escape his mouth as precum flowed steadily across his cock.  As he continued to pound his cock, his balls soon drew close; orgasm was close. 

With one more stroke of his hand, JordanJayx groaned and let forth a torrent of cum!  Drenched in the creamy man milk from shoulder to cock, he milked every last drop from his spent cock.  All I could think was, “Can I help you clean up?”


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