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Have you ever had one of those mornings, where you just don’t want to get out of bed?  Well, that was I this morning.  So… I decided to log into SuperMen, and see if I could get that blood pumping a little.

After browsing through the men for a while, I stumbled upon ApolloFirefoxy.  I entered his public chat, and found him shirtless in front of the camera.  His muscled torso provided the perfect introduction as we began to chat.  ApolloFirefoxy and I of course started with the basics – where are you from, how old are you, etc. – but with that out of the way, we wasted little time in getting to the more important topics.  We started talking about sex and what turns us on, which seemed to be having an effect on ApolloFirefoxy.  Off camera, his hand began to move towards his cock.  Needing to know how our conversation had affected ApolloFirefoxy, I decided to take him private.

With the room to ourselves, ApolloFirefoxy quickly adjusted the camera as to include more than just his torso.  As I had suspected, ApolloFirefoxy had his hand wrapped around his cock beneath the fabric of his trunks.  With nothing left to hide, ApolloFirefoxy pushed the trunks to the floor with his free hand and unleashed his massive cock.  He began to slowly slide his hand along the shaft of his thick cock as I watched in astonishment.  His hand stretched to its limits around the thick chocolate flesh.  As he picked up speed, precum began to flow forth with each stroke.  With his cock now completely covered in the clear fluid, ApolloFirefoxy’s hand quickly became a blur.  Tugging furiously at his cock, he could not hold back any longer.  With little warning, ApolloFirefoxy drenched himself in a torrent of cum.  The creamy, white liquid standing out against his smooth, chocolaty skin.

After all that, I had some cleaning up do to myself!


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