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I was home sick, so wanted to try and get some rest.  Unfortunately, there was one part of me that didn’t seem to get that memo… Any guesses?

As you may have guessed, my cock just wouldn’t go down, so I logged into SuperMen in hopes of getting some rest!  Within seconds of logging in, I saw AltonSavage and knew that he was the one.  I entered his public chat to find this Russian bombshell sitting shirtless in front of the camera.  His muscled body and endearing smile made it next to impossible to not fall for him.  We began to chat and things were perfect!  AltonSavage was incredibly charming and simply radiated joy.  I was already starting to feel a little better.  As AltonSavage and I continued to chat, our conversation began to intensify and I knew I wanted more.  I decided to take AltonSavage private.

Now alone, AltonSavage made a few adjustments to the camera and then stood from the couch.  Slowly he untied his shorts, letting them slowly fall to the floor as he did so.  Now in nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs, AltonSavage’s hand began to wander across the contours of his body.  Feeling each and every muscle, tugging at his nipples as his passed over each of them, and finally sliding beneath the thin fabric of his briefs to toy with his growing cock.  Not wanting to let go, AltonSavage pushed his briefs to the floor and sat back down with his big, uncut cock in hand.  Slowly he tugged as his erect meat; gently squeezing at the top as precum began to flow.  With his free hand, AltonSavage scooped up the clear liquid and licked his finger cleaning.  Moaning in pleasure, AltonSavage soon intensified his stroking.  Pounding his cock into his fist, his balls bounced from the couch.  The growing pleasure quickly became too much and as his balls tightened, a fountain of cum exploded from his cock. 

The creamy liquid pooled in his rippled abs as he relaxed back into the couch, glowing in the aftermath of his orgasm.


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