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I didn’t get a chance to jerk off this morning, so I was fucking hard as a rock while at work.  I’d made it to my break, but there was no way I was going to make it through the day with this hard-on.  I went to the bathroom, logged into SuperMen on my phone, and quickly started browsing.  Within mere moments I found MarcelHUGECOCK24.

When I entered his public chat, MarcelHUGECOCK24 was just relaxing in bed.  Not having time to waist, I immediately started chatting.  After going over some of the basics – where are you from, how old are you, etc. – we got straight to the business. MarcelHUGECOCK24 started to show off his body for me a little more, rubbing his hands along the toned muscles of his chest and abdomen.  As they traveled further along his body, his right hand slipped past the waistband of his trunks and onto his cock.  Knowing that I needed to see more of this, I took MarcelHUGECOCK24 private.

MarcelHUGECOCK24 knew I didn’t have much time, so he quickly got the show started.  With a singular motion, he pushed his trunks to his ankles.  As the fabric passed over the head of his thick, uncut cock, his hefty meat snapped free of its constraints.  Taking hold his monstrous meat with both hand, MarcelHUGECOCK24 began to slowly slide his cock through his fists.  Quickly picking up speed, MarcelHUGECOCK24 was soon pounding his cock through his hands with abandon.  His balls slapping against his own flesh as he thrust his hips.  This Colombian top was getting ready to burst, though, and with one final thrust he let his man milk fly!

Just in time for me to get back to work…


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