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I woke up this morning with some SERIOUS morning wood!  I needed to do something about it as quickly as possible, so I logged into SuperMen and started looking for some help.  Within mere moments, I found RyderWulf.

I entered the public chat to find RyderWulf sitting on the couch already naked and tugging at his cock.  Our view was limited to just his torso for the time being, but he certainly caught my attention.  We started chatting, and turns out he was just as horny as I was.  He hadn’t cum in three days, so he was ready to shoot a HUGE load.  After hearing that there, the choice was simple.  I had to take RyderWulf private and see him shoot that load!

Now that we were alone, RyderWulf adjusted the camera so that I could see more of his body.  His hand was wrapped firmly around his cock as he tugged at his thick, uncut meat.  RyderWulf continued to slide his hand along the shaft as he moaned in pleasure.  This wasn’t enough, though.  RyderWulf drew his knees closer to his chest, exposing his smooth rosebud.  Slowly he circled his finger along the tender flesh of his hole until the digit slipped effortlessly inside.  With a small gasp, RyderWulf began to inch his finger in deeper.  Ready for more, RyderWulf spit into his hand and inserted a second finger into his stretched hole.  Matching his strokes with his finger fucking, RyderWulf soon was screaming in pleasure.  His balls quickly drew closer from the combined sensations as he prepared to let his load fly.

Cum rocketed from his cock as he buried his fingers deep inside his hole.  RyderWulf drenched himself in the creamy, white liquid.  It was a perfect ending to RyderWulf’s show!


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