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I had had a long day at work and just needed to relax a little, when I got back home.  I logged into SuperMen and started browsing for someone to help me unwind.  After a little bit of searching, I found JaykobPosh and decided to check him out.

He was just relaxing on the couch in his zip-up, when I got to his public chat.  A blanket pulled over his legs covered most of him, but his chest and abdomen were left exposed.  I was certainly attracted to him, so we started chatting.  JaykobPosh and I were really hitting it off; things just seemed effortless with him.  As our conversation progressed, I’d asked him if he was cold.  I mean he had a blanket on after all.  His answer was simply too perfect, though. 

With a coy smile, JaykobPosh pushed the blanket off of himself to reveal a hefty bulge beneath his skimpy briefs.  He then replied, “No, just horny!”  That cemented my decision; I took JaykobPosh private.

As we began our private chat, JaykobPosh quickly started tugging at his cock through the thin fabric of his briefs.  His erect cock now clearly visible beneath his underwear.  Slowly he pushed the waistband of his briefs past his cock; the thick flesh snapping back against his abdomen as his briefs were removed.  Grabbing hold of his cock, JaykobPosh began to slide his cock along the smooth flesh.  Precum slowly flowed from the head of his cock as he continued to stroke himself off.  The clear liquid soon lubed up the silky flesh of JaykobPosh’s cock and his stroking became more manic.  His balls quickly drew closer as he approached his orgasm.  As JaykobPosh pounded his meat with his fit, het let forth a torrent of cum!  Drenching his body in the warm, creamy liquid.


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