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I was exhausted from working around the house all day and had just sat down to relax with some help form  I logged in, started browsing through the guys online, and eventually found the AndyLopez900. 

I decided to enter his public chat.  When I got there, AndyLopez900 was seated in front of the camera, his shirt pulled open as to expose his smooth, muscled chest.  We started by just chit-chatting, but as we continued to talk our conversation became more intimate.  AndyLopez900 then told me how he had not cum in nearly a week and was just yearning for a release.  The thought of his huge, uncut cock shooting that massive load was all it took for me to make my decision.  I took AndyLopez900 private.

AndyLopez900 stood from his seat and adjusted the camera for our private show.  Taking his seat back, AndyLopez900 began to tug at his cock through his briefs.  Just that small amount of attention, though, was enough to get him rock hard.  Hooking his thumbs beneath the waistband of his briefs, AndyLopez900 pushed them to the floor and let his monstrous cock free.  The thick meat smacked against his muscular abdomen, leaving a string of precum behind.  Using the clear liquid as lube, AndyLopez900 slid his hand along his flesh.  Not satisfied with just one hand, AndyLopez900 grabbed hold with both hands and began to thrust his cock forward.  His balls swung vigorously as he fucked his fists at first, but as his pace continued his balls drew close.  With one more thrust, AndyLopez900 let his massive load fly!

The creamy man-milk blasted from his cock, covering his toned body and dripping down his fingers as he pulled the last few drops from his cock.


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