I signed on to SuperMen earlier not really looking for anything.  I was bored, and figured, “What the hell…”  After browsing for some time, I saw JAPATERFLOW and knew that he was why I was there.

I entered his public chat to find JAPATERFLOW standing in front of the camera.  He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, which was far too much in my opinion.  We started chatting and after a little bit of persuasion I was able to get that shirt off of him.  His muscled chest with the perfect amount of fur was far more appealing than that white t-shirt!  As appetizing as his chest was, my attention was focused on the treasure trail that disappeared beneath his jeans… my next mission.  We continued to chat as I ogled him, but I knew that there was only one way I’d get to see where that treasure trail lead.  I decided to take JAPATERFLOW private.

With no one to distract us, JAPATERFLOW began to slowly unbutton his jeans, letting them slowly fall to the ground as he swayed his hips to and fro.  By the time his jeans hit the floor, JAPATERFLOW had already hooked his finger beneath the waistband of his briefs and begun to sultrily slide them off his hips.  As the thin fabric slid past his flaccid, uncut cock JAPATERFLOW took hold of his meat and let the briefs fall.  Gently tugging at his foreskin, he quickly elicited a response from his cock.  Now fully erect, JAPATERFLOW began to slowly jerk himself off.  His hand slid along the smooth flesh of his dick as gently milked the first droplets of precum from his tip.  The clear liquid proved to be the perfect lubricant as his jerking intensified.  Soon his balls smacked against his fist as he pounded his meat.  Quickly his moaning increased and his balls drew closer.  JAPATERFLOW was not going to last much longer at this pace and nor was I. 

Within moments, JAPATERFLOW shot his thick load all over himself.  Letting the creamy liquid spill across his abdomen and hand.  That was all I needed to shoot my own load; the perfect ending to my impromptu visit to SuperMen.com!


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