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I had had some time off from work and was just relaxing at home for the day.  I’d grown sick of watching Netflix, though; I wanted something a little more “risqué.”  I logged into and started browsing for the “perfect guy.”  After a bit of searching I found him…

I entered NaveroStar’s public chat with some high expectations.  He was sitting in front of the computer screen wearing a white shirt, open just enough to see a sprinkle of chest hair.  We quickly began to chat.  Just about mundane things at first – where we were from, the weather, etc. – but soon our conversation shifted.  NaveroStar and I began to discuss our primal urges, which had quite the effect on us both based on the bulge in his boxer briefs!  After a bit more banter regarding that hefty bulged he’d just teased me with, I decided to take NaveroStar private, so things could really heat up.

NaveroStar wasted little time once we went private.  After adjusting the camera to provide me with a better view, NaveroStar began to slowly lift the white shirt from his muscled body, revealing a sprinkling of hair over his torso.  With only his striped trunks left to cover him, NaveroStar gently stroked himself through the thin fabric.  His bulge grew bigger with the added attention, his cock now clearly visible beneath the trunks.  Ready for more direct contact, NaveroStar pushed his trunks lower, allowing his cock to pop free.  Quickly taking hold of his 8-inch, uncut cock, NaveroStar tugged at the velvety flesh.  His hand slid from the thick, ginger bush at its base to the plump mushroom head at its tip.  Whilst he pleasured himself with his hand, NaveroStar described how he’d rather it were my mouth and hole that enveloped his cock.  He wanted me on my knees deep throating his meat, before burying his cock deep inside my hole.  Trust me, he wasn’t the only one that wanted that!  As he continued his narrative, though, his stroking became more manic and soon his balls no longer swung freely as they first did.  He was getting closer to orgasm and so was I.  With just a few more strokes, NaveroStar let forth his seed!  Drenching his hand and floor with his creamy load, NaveroStar pulled the last drops from his cock before signing off.


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