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I had work early this morning, so I couldn’t really do anything for Thirsty Thursday last night.  Rather than just sitting at home watching TV, I decided to log into and find some hot guy to entertain me.  Lucky for me, I found Rocca_SiffredaX pretty quickly.

I entered his chat and found him on the couch in a simple, black tank top.  Although not in the frame, I could tell he had his hands – or at least his right hand – full based on the motion of his arm.  Things were off to a good start!  We started chatting and it quickly became clear that we were interested in the same thing:  getting off.  Knowing that Rocca_SiffredaX was “DTF,” as they say, I wasted no time going private.

With the room to ourselves, Rocca_SiffredaX stood from the couch and revealed just what he had been playing with.  From beneath his bright, red briefs hung his thick, semi-erect uncut cock.  Spitting into his hand, Rocca_SiffredaX gently began to tug at the foreskin of his cock, stretching it over his mushroom head with each pull.  The added lubricant clearly had the desired effect as his cock became fully erect.  Using more of his spit, Rocca_SiffredaX slowly stroked his 7.5-inches till precum came flowing forth.  With the addition of his precum, Rocca_SiffredaX’s strokes quickened and soon he was pounding his cock into his fist.  That was not enough for Rocca_SiffredaX, though.  Taking hold of his cock with both hands, he began to thrust his cock frantically through his fists.  His balls swung wildly as he buried his dick into his hands.  With each thrust, though, his balls began to tighten.  Rocca_SiffredaX wasn’t going to last much longer at that pace.

Thrusting one final time, Rocca_SiffredaX released his creamy man-milk into the hair.  After five thick ropes of cum burst from his cock, Rocca_SiffredaX relaxed back onto the couch, milking the last drops of cum from his spent dick.


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