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I had logged into SuperMen not really knowing what I wanted last night.  I knew I wanted something outside my “norm,” but that was pretty much the extent of it.  After a browsing for a bit, I found NiceBoySerj.

I decided to check him out and entered his public chat.  There he was on the couch fully clothed just waiting for someone to keep him company.  He was cute, but definitely not my typical guy.  So we started chatting and things were actually going really well!  We were just chit chatting at first, but as we continued to chat, our conversation quickly became more flirtatious.  Before I knew it we were talking about sex!  Undoubtedly, that had quite the effect on both of us and now we were both desperate to get off.  Only one way that was going to happen then… we went private.

After NiceBoySerj and I went private, he quickly began to disrobe.  First slowing unbuttoning his shirt, allowing the white fabric to slowly slip off his shoulders to reveal his smooth torso.  His pants were soon to follow.  NiceBoySerj now stood there in nothing but a pair of black trunks, which hugged his body perfectly.  Hooking his thumbs beneath the thin fabric, he pushed the trunks to the floor slowly as he let his cock bounce free.  Taking hold of his dick, NiceBoySerj sank back into the couch as he gently stroked himself.  His hand moved along the swiftly along the shaft as he began to use a mixture of spit and precum to pleasure himself.  Soon his hand was but a blur, and NiceBoySerj was screaming with pleasure.  As NiceBoySerj franticly jerked himself off, his balls drew gradually drew close.  He was quickly approaching orgasm with little intention of slowing his pace.  With one final stroke, NiceBoySerj gasped and let forth a torrent of cum, which left him drenched in the creamy man-milk.


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