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I’d spent the day working, so when I finally finished I was ready to get off!  I logged into SuperMen and started searching for someone to help me take care of this hard-on.  That’s when I found ColinJaw.

I entered his public chat and found him lounging shirtless on the couch.  His smooth, muscled torso provided the perfect first impression, but did little to ease my hard-on.  As ColinJaw and I began to chat, I wasted little time in getting to the point… I was fucking horny!  Knowing that I needed release, ColinJaw began to tease me with his body.  Sitting upright from the couch, he began to sway to the music in the background.  Sliding his hands along his smooth torso, ColinJaw continued to dance for me.  Eventually his hands found their way to the waistband of his joggers.  I watched in angst as he slowly pushed them lower on his hips, hoping that he’d push them to the floor.  Unfortunately he did not, though.  If I wanted this show to continue, there was only one way that’d happen.  I took ColinJaw private.

Now alone, ColinJaw resumed his burlesque as he slowly pushed his joggers lower.  Those, however, were not all that soon hit the ground.  Within moments, ColinJaw stood naked in front of the camera, his joggers and underwear both lying at his feet.  Immediately he began to tug at his flaccid cock.  Didn’t take long before he was rock hard and stroking his thick, uncut cock with abandon.  His low-hanging balls swung wildly as he pulled at his meat, smacking against his hand with each stroke.  As ColinJaw began to leak precum, he gasped with pleasure.  The clear liquid provided the perfect lube to speed up his stroke.  As his hand blurred along the shaft of his cock, his balls became taught.  ColinJaw was approaching climax and as was I!

With one final stroke, ColinJaw released a torrent of cum from his cock.  The creamy load coating his hand as he pulled the last bit from his now spent dick.


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