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I spent the weekend working, so I didn’t really get much of a break.  When I finally got home, I decided to log into SuperMen and see if I could escape it all for just a little bit.  After a little bit of browsing, I found Arthur_Rimbaud and decided to check him out.

I found him just sitting in front of the camera, when I entered his public chat.  He was cute, but there was one problem:  he was fully clothed.  Regardless of that singular issue, Arthur_Rimbaud and I began to chat.  Turns out he was a really sweet guy, and the more we talked the more willing he became.  After asking him to shed some of those clothes, Arthur_Rimbaud sheepishly smiled then began to slowly pull his shirt over his head.  His toned chest was covered in a layer of fur and it was HOT!  We continued to chat, and after a bit more coaxing I was able to get Arthur_Rimbaud to slowly undress further.  Removing his belt first, then unbuttoning his jeans to reveal his navy trunks.  That, however, was as far as he would go in the public chat.  By that point, though, I wanted more!  I took him private, so we could finish the show.

In our private chat, Arthur_Rimbaud immediately resumed his striptease.  His pushed the jeans of his hips allowing them to fall gently to the floor as he stepped out of them and onto the bed.  On all fours, he slowly swayed back and forth as he showed off his beautiful ass, which was outlined perfectly by his navy trunks.  Wanting more, though, I requested he remove those as well.  Not wanting to disappoint, Arthur_Rimbaud slid the thin fabric from his waist to reveal his big, uncut cock and tight ass.  Returning to the bed, Arthur_Rimbaud began to slowly play with himself.  Cock in hand one hand, the other gently circling his hole.  Gently applying pressure to his ass, two fingers soon found their way deep inside as he continued to stroke his thick dick.  Gasping from the pleasure he was experience, Arthur_Rimbaud began to fuck himself as he pounded his meat.  Frantically jerking his meat as he fucked his fingers deep inside of his hole, Arthur_Rimbaud soon tensed and let forth a massive explosion of cum.  The creamy liquid even managing to hit his cheek! 

Talk about a money shot.


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