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I must have had one hell of a dream, because I woke up today with some SERIOUS morning wood!  I knew I needed to do something about it, so I logged onto SuperMen, and started looking for some help.  With a little bit of luck, I found NaughtySheldon.

He was sitting shirtless in front of the camera, when I entered his public chat.  I quickly struck up a conversation with NaughtySheldon, though; nothing too formal, just chitchat really.  As we continued to chat, our conversation intensified, and soon we found ourselves discussing our more primal thoughts.  With that came a little bit of flirtation and soon NaughtySheldon had stood from his seat and began to slowly dance for me.  The rhythmic undulation of his hips had me mesmerized, but I wanted to see him out of those jeans.  Craving more of NaughtySheldon, I decided to take things private.

Without anyone to distract us, NaughtySheldon continued to dance for me.  This time, however, he slowly began to unbutton his jeans; allowing them to gently slip from his hips and fall to the floor as he danced.  Step out of his jeans, NaughtySheldon allowed his hands to slide across his body; letting them tease his nipples as they passed over the smooth flesh.  As his hands reached the waistband of his briefs, NaughtySheldon pushed them to the floor and took of his newly freed cock.  Tugging at the thick meat quickly elicited a response and soon he was fully erect.  NaughtySheldon continued to pleasure himself as he slid his hand along the full shaft of his uncut cock, pulling his foreskin up and over his mushroom head with each stroke.  Moaning with pleasure, NaughtySheldon began to pull faster at his meat.  Soon his hand blurred as it passed along the flesh of his dick, his balls swinging frantically as he did so.  At this pace, he did not last long, though.  His body tensed, his balls drew tight, and soon he let forth a torrent of cum that drenched him from neck to navel!  Gently he squeezed the final drops out of his cock as he waved goodbye with a cum-covered hand.


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