It had been an exhausting day at work and by the time I finally got home, I was ready to unwind.  I logged into hoping that someone would be willing to help.  After a little bit of searching, I found STEVELONDO.

I entered his public chat to find STEVELONDO sitting in a shiny, silver jockstrap.  The camera was adjusted so that just his torso and crotch filled the frame, but I wasn’t exactly complaining about that.  We started chatting and things were going well.  With nothing but his body to look at, though, our conversation quickly became more graphic.  After finding out just how much STEVELONDO had hiding under that silver jock, I knew I wanted more and decided to take him private.

Now that we had the room to ourselves, STEVELONDO adjusted the camera and began to slowly toy with himself through the thin fabric of his jock.  As he continued to gently caress himself, STEVELONDO pulled his knees towards his chest and relaxed into the couch.  With his as now visible, STEVELONDO slowly began to play with his hole.  A puddle began to form at the front of his jock as he applied more pressure to his tight rosebud.  Craving more, STEVELONDO released his cock from its pouch and quickly took hold as he resumed his anal stimulation.  Slipping first one and then two fingers into his tight hole, STEVELONDO gasped with pleasure, precum dripping from his thick, uncut cock.  Using the precum as lube, STEVELONDO pumped his cock with his fist as his other hand fucked deep into his hole.  His moans quickly became more primal and his balls soon tightened.  As he buried his fingers into his ass one final time, STEVELONDO let forth a torrent of cum, the creamy liquid drenching his abdomen and hand.

I couldn’t think of any better way to unwind than with STEVELONDO!


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