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Have you ever been so tired that you’re just not tired?  Well, that’s kind of where I was last night…

So I logged into thinking maybe if I got off I’d finally be able to fall asleep.  I started browsing and didn’t really see anything at first; I kept looking, though.  It wasn’t until I saw CalvinMitch1 that I stopped searching.  When I entered his public chat, CalvinMitch1 was just sitting in bed relaxing.  There wasn’t much of CalvinMitch1 I couldn’t see already, but that only made me want to see the rest that much more!  We began to chat; innocently at first, but things quickly escalated.  I just couldn’t help it!  The more I saw of CalvinMitch1’s body and that massive bulge in his briefs, the more I wanted him.  I decided to take things private, so I could “focus.”

Things continued to escalate quickly in our private chat… With a singular movement, CalvinMitch1 pushed his briefs to the floor, his low-hanging balls fell free and his semi-erect cock lay perched upon them.  Taking hold of his cock, CalvinMitch1 began to pleasure himself.  His cock grew hard and soon he was sliding his hand along the full length of his shaft.  Precum began to slowly leak from his cock as he continued to play with himself.  As the clear liquid coated his cock, CalvinMitch1 started to stroke faster.  His balls drew closer as his stroking became more and more frantic; he was going to cum soon.  Within mere moments, CalvinMitch1 gasped in pleasure and released a massive load.  It was the creamy finish we both needed to get some rest!


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