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I had just woken up and had some serious morning wood to take care of!  I logged into and quickly found BeautifulDream0.  Without hesitating, I entered his public chat and began to chat.

Unfortunately, when I entered BeautifulDream0’s chat he was still fully clothed, but we started talking right away.  Covering the basics at first – where are you from, how old are you, etc. – our conversation quickly took off and soon we were discussing our more primal urges.  With this shift in conversation, BeautifulDream0 was getting a little warm.  Slowly he began to pull his t-shirt over his head, revealing his muscled torso for the first time.  Between the sight of his smooth, muscled body and the sex-talk, I couldn’t wait any longer… I took BeautifulDream0 private.

With no one else to interrupt, BeautifulDream0 stood and slowly began to sway his hips.  His hands slid across his muscled body till they settled upon the waistband of his pants.  Hooking his thumbs beneath the fabric, BeautifulDream0 slowly pushed them to the floor.  Without anything covering his gorgeous body, I took a moment to simply admire him.  His thick, uncut cock hung flaccid atop a pair of low-hanging balls that begged for attention.  Although I could’ve probably just stared at him all day, BeautifulDream0 took hold of his cock and gently began to tug at it.  Within mere moments, he was at full mast.  No longer did he simply tug his cock; BeautifulDream0 slid his hand along the full shaft of his dick.  Spitting into his hand, BeautifulDream0 hastened his strokes and was soon pounding his meat with abandon.  His balls swung wildly as his hand blurred along his flesh; at this pace, though, they did not swing for long.  Soon his balls drew close and with a moan of pure please, BeautifulDream0 let his load fly, drenching his muscled torso in the creamy liquid. 

As cum slowly slid from body, BeautifulDream0 ended the show with a coy smile.


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