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It had been a long day and I just wanted to relax a little.  I logged into and after a little bit of browsing found alexboyandlukeboy. 

I entered their public chat and found the two of them spooning in bed beneath a blanket.  My mind immediately began to race as I thought about what was happening beneath that blanket.  As I continued to ponder, the two of them said, “Hello.”  Not wanting to be rude, I began to chat with alexboyandlukeboy, but I could not help but think about what could be. 

Finally, I just asked them, “So… What’s going on under that blanket?” 

The two of them just laughed before grabbing a corner of the blanket and throwing if off themselves for just a moment.  The mere glance of these two men spooning naked was enough for me to take them private!

Without any distractions, alexboyandlukeboy pushed the blanket off of them and began to passionately kiss one another.  There tongues intertwining as their hands explore every inch of the other’s body.  Slowly Alex worked his way down Luke’s body with his mouth before taking his now erect cock into his throat.  Luke’s cock disappeared into Alex’s mouth as he deep-throated him with ease.  Alex, however, wanted a taste of his own.  Shifting so that his man could get exactly what he wants, the two began to 69 one another.  As Alex displayed his own oral talents, Luke let his tongue explore Alex’s tender hole.  The two were both moaning in pleasure as they enjoyed the foreplay, but there was more they wanted to do.  Alex quickly pulled himself upright and turned to sit atop Luke’s hard cock.  Slowly he lowered himself onto Luke’s thick, dick till his balls fell upon Luke’s rippled abdomen.  From that moment on, the two simply fucked like animals.  Luke thrusting his cock deep into Alex’s hole as Alex stroked his leaking cock.  After shifting into missionary, Luke fucked the cum out of Alex before glazing his well-worked hole with his sticky man-cream.  As Luke eased his cock back into Alex’s hole, he fell upon his man and the two kissed.  Luke’s now-spent cock slipped from Alex’s bred hole as they camera finally went black…

What a show!


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