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I had woken up this morning with some SERIOUS morning wood!  I logged into SuperMen from my iPad and started looking for someone that could help me with “my problem.”  Almost immediately, I found Ostin_Grey.

I entered his public chat and found Ostin_Grey already shirtless in front of the camera.  His smooth, muscled body wasn’t exactly helping “my problem,” but I knew he would have the cure.  We started chatting and it was clear that Ostin_Grey needed to get off almost as badly as I did.  Rather than wasting time with chit chat, I decided to take Ostin_Grey private so that we could both take care of our “problems.”

Ostin_Grey wasted no time starting the show once we went private.  He hooked his thumbs beneath waistband of his trunks and with a singular motion they were off.  His semi-erect, uncut cock lay atop a pair of low hanging balls that begged for attention.  Grabbing hold of his meat, Ostin_Grey began to gently tug.  Quickly his cock grew and soon he was no longer simply semi-erect.  His thick dick was at full mast and his gently tugging had intensified.  Ostin_Grey’s had begun to blur as his hand slid up and down along his shaft; his balls bouncing wildly as he pleasured himself.  His cock began to leak as he continued to pull at his meat, moaning as the clear liquid coated his cock.  As his balls tightened, his moaning became more frequent and within moments Ostin_Grey was shooting his load, the milky fluid drenching his smooth body from his chin to his cock.

As he slowly came down from his orgasm, Ostin_Grey pulled the remaining drops of cum from his cock.  With cum still dripping from his fingers, Ostin_Grey bid farewell and ended the show.  After a show like that, “my problem” didn’t stand a chance.


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