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Porn is great, but sometimes it just doesn’t get the job done…  Thankfully, SuperMen can provide me something a little less scripted.

I logged into SuperMen and quickly found marceloanddante.  These two Latin lovers were just what I was looking for, so I immediately entered their public chat.  I found the pair lounging in bed already entangled with one another.  We began to chat, casually at first, but the conversation quickly shifted.  marceloanddante were clearly interested in starting the show and how could I say no to that.

Once I had taken marceloanddante private, they wasted very little time getting to business.  Their hands began to explore one another’s bodies as their tongues intertwined.  Slowly the pair began to their hands into each other’s briefs, which quickly elicited a response from both of them.  Removing their hands only so that they could push their briefs to the floor, the pair continued to pleasure each other with their mouths and hands.  Marcelo was first to his knees, swallowing Dante’s thick, uncut cock to the base.  Gently Marcelo tugged at Dante’s balls as he slid his lips up and down Dante’s cock.  Dante moaned in ecstasy as Marcelo blew him, but it was his turn to taste some cock.  Lying down, the two began to 69 one another, each of them trying to out do the other as they sucked.  This was simply foreplay, though, and they were ready for more.  Marcelo got on his knees as Dante slid his thick dick deep into his ass.  Slowly he began to fuck Marcelo, letting him adjust to Dante’s girth.  His pace soon quickened, though, as his balls began to bounce off of Marcelo’s tight as.  The two fucked like this for a while before switching positions… and roles!  Marcelo lied down and let Dante lower his tight hole onto his big cock.  Once he had adjusted to Marcelo’s cock, Dante went for the ride of a lifetime.  As he grinded his ass into Marcelo’s hips, Dante let fly a massive load, which soaked Marcelo from neck to navel.  That was enough to send Marcelo over the edge as he shot his load deep inside Dante’s tight ass.  The two collapsed into one another and ended the show with one final passionate kiss.


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