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I’d gotten home late and was tired, but just couldn’t fall asleep.  I was just lying in bed, restless, so I decided to log into SuperMen from my phone.  I was just kind of browsing, when I found HaddelSamir.  He was cute and I was restless, so I decided to check out his public chat.

He was dancing in a pair of white boxers, when I had found him, and it was actually quite charming.  I got a kind of Risky Business vibe from it and I liked it.  We started chatting and immediately hit it off.  So between his sexy dancing and his charming personality, I was hooked.  I decided to take a risk – no pun intended – and go private.

Things began to heat up quickly once we were alone.  The rhythm of his dance slowed and hips circled more sensually.  Slowly he slipped his white button-up from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as he continued to dance.  Now shirtless, HaddelSamir slid his hands along his muscled body stopping only once he had reached the waistband of his boxers.  Gently pushing against the thin fabric, HaddelSamir slid the boxers off his hips and let them fall to the floor with his shirt.  His flaccid cock, now free, lay against a pair of low-hanging balls.  Tugging at his foreskin, HaddelSamir quickly elicited a response from his meat.  Steadily he grew till he was fully erect.  Grabbing hold, HaddelSamir began to pleasure himself, sliding his hand along the full length of his velvety flesh.  Moaning in pleasure, HaddelSamir hastened his stroking.  The quickened pace quickly had an effect as precum began to steadily flow from his cock.  His balls soon tightened and within moments HaddelSamir was shooting his load.

Drenching the floor with his creamy liquid, HaddelSamir did not stop pulling at his meat.  He drained every last drop of cum from his balls before letting go of his spent cock and bidding farewell.  Let’s just say, I had no problem sleeping after that!


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