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It had been a tough few days at work, so I just wanted to relax a little.  I logged into SuperMen and started browsing.  After a little bit of searching, I found TorvinBruks and decided to check out his public chat.

I found him relaxing on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of blue trunks, when I entered his chat.  Needless to say he made a good first impression!  TorvinBruks and I began chatting soon after that and it turns out he’s kind of amazing.  The conversation was incredibly natural and he was just perfect.  I wanted to see more of TorvinBruks, though, so I decided to make things a little more intimate and go private.

With the room now to just to us, TorvinBruks began to gently caress his chest with one hand and his bulge with the other.  As he continued to rub himself through the thin fabric of his trunks, his cock quickly grew.  Pushing the fabric to its limits, his cock longed for escape.  TorvinBruks couldn’t resist any longer; he pulled the front of his trunks below his balls, allowing his cock to snap free from their restraint.  Grabbing hold, TorvinBruks slowly began to stroke his now very erect cock.  Using only spit and precum as lube the young man quickly hastened his stroking.  His hand soon blurred as it passed along the full length of his cock.  He passed for just a moment as he slipped his trunks from beneath him and threw them aside.  Taking hold with both hands this time, TorvinBruks began to thrust his cock through his fists.  His balls bounced wildly with each buck of his hips till he grew closer to orgasm.  With his balls pulled taught and his thrusting still relentless, TorvinBruks let forth a torrent of cum!  The creamy liquid drenched his body and hands as he continued to thrust forward.

As his orgasm subsided, he released his cock only to clean up this mess he had made.  And everyone knows there’s only one way to do that… With your mouth.


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