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It had been an exhausting few weeks and I just needed some time to myself… Well almost to myself.  I logged into SuperMen and started browsing.  MathewRocks’ profile immediately caught my attention.

I entered his public chat to find MathewRocks sitting on the couch shirtless, his tattooed torso on full display as we waited for someone to come and play.  After admiring his artwork – and his smooth body – for a moment MathewRocks and I began to chat.  We began with the basics – how’re you doing, where are you from, etc. – but quickly found ourselves discussing more pressing issues, like our cocks.  It did not take long from me to notice the growing bulge in his joggers as the conversation continued, which only made me want more.  I decided to take MathewRocks private.

The joggers did not last long once MathewRocks and I were alone.  Pushing them to the ground almost immediately, MathewRocks now stood in front of the camera in nothing but a pair of simply black boxer briefs.  His big, uncut cock outlined perfectly by the tight fabric.  I simply watched as his hands slowly worked their way across his body.  As they reached the waistband of his underwear, he pushed them past his hips allowing his fully erect cock to spring free and the boxer briefs to fall to the floor.  MathewRocks took hold of his newly released dick, sliding his hand along the silky flesh.  His foreskin slid along his engorged head as precum slowly leaked from it.  Using the clear liquid as lube, MathewRocks started pounding his cock through his fist.  His balls swung wildly as his hand flew across his shaft.  Moaning in pleasure, MathewRocks knew he would not last long at this pace.  I encouraged him to keep going, though, and soon his balls drew close.  He was at the edge of orgasm and with a few more passes of his hand his cock erupted across the floor!  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still finding cum on the floor after that load.


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