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I was looking for something a little different, when I logged into SuperMen last night.  I started browsing, when I found LekanLi.  He was completely different than what I normally am attracted to, but I was intrigued nonetheless.

I entered his public chat and found LekanLi lounging on the couch in a pair of white briefs.  He was already playing with himself through the thin fabric, so rather than say anything, I simply watched as he pleasured himself for a moment.  His cock slowly began to grow as he continued to toy with himself through the briefs, the thick, mushroom head of his dick becoming more and more visible beneath the thin fabric.  As he eased off his now erect cock, I took the opportunity to say finally say hello.  LekanLi coyly smiled before beginning to chat.  It was difficult to think of anything but his rock hard cock, though, so I quickly took LekanLi private.

Knowing exactly what I wanted, LekanLi immediately shoved his briefs to the floor.  Grabbing hold of his cock, LekanLi slowly began to slide his hand along his shaft.  Reaching from the base of his cock to the tip of his dick, LekanLi pulled his cock tight.  His foreskin sliding effortlessly along the engorged head of his cock, which was now drenched in precum.  The clear fluid continued to leak steadily as he pleasured himself.  His pace soon quickened, though, and his hand began to blur.  As his balls tightened, LekanLi’s moans intensified.  LekanLi continued to tug at his meat until he busted his load, the creamy liquid drenching him from navel to nose!


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