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I woke up this morning with some HARDCORE morning wood!  And I knew if I didn’t take care of it, then there would have been nothing done all day.  I logged into SuperMen and started browsing.  Within an instant, I found TheBiggestMan and knew he could help.

I entered his public chat and found him posing for the camera in a pair of white trunks.  His smooth, muscled body was simply massive and based on that bulge in his trunks so was his cock!  We started chatting a little as he continued to flex, but it was difficult to focus with him already half naked and my cock at full attention.  I had had enough of the small talk anyhow; I decided to take TheBiggestMan private, so that the real show could start.

Without anyone to distract TheBiggestMan, he began to slowly slide his hands along the contours of his muscled body, his muscles tensing beneath the touch of his hand.  As his hands reached the waistband of his trunks, TheBiggestMan gently began to push them past his hips, teasing me with but a glimpse of his cock.  Soon, though, even he had had enough of the “foreplay.”  He pushed the trunks to the floor and immediately began to tug at his thick, uncut meat.  Quickly eliciting a response from his flaccid cock, TheBiggestMan was now fully erect and sliding his hand along his full length.  As precum began to leak from his engorged mushroom head, TheBiggestMan’s stroking hastened.  The clear liquid provided the perfect lubrication as he pounded his cock through his fist.  He needed more than just that, though.  Taking hold of his massive meat with both hands, TheBiggestMan plowed his dick through his fists.  Mercilessly thrusting his hips into both hands as his balls swung wildly below.  TheBiggestMan kept this pace for a while, but his balls grew close and his breathing became heavy.  He was ready to cum!

With one final thrust of his hips, his cock slid through his hands and released a massive load.  After nearly seven shots, he creamy fluid began to slowly fall from his spent cock as he finally let go.


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