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Sometimes you just want to see a hot guy blow off some steam… Today was one of those days.  I logged into SuperMen and found Max_Cocky’s profile almost immediately.  There was no denying he was perfect!

So I entered his public chat and found Max_Cocky sitting on the coach in a pair of jeans shirtless.  It was a damn good first impression; let me tell you!  We started chatting and flirting a little.  Things were going really well, but I couldn’t help but want more.  I tried getting Max_Cocky out of those jeans, but he simply smiled sheepishly at me and said, “Not yet.”  I knew what that meant, though.  I took Max_Cocky private.

As soon as we had the room, Max_Cocky stood from the coach and began to slowly sway his hips to the music he had playing.  His hands glided across his body before reaching for his belt, slowly sliding it from its loops.  As he continued his burlesque, Max_Cocky unbuttoned his jeans, easing the zipper lowers as his hips moved smoothly with the music.  The jeans soon fell to the ground, though, leaving him in but a simple pair of black trunks.  Those lasted but a moment before they too found themselves on the ground.  Max_Cocky’s smooth, muscled body was now on full display as he continued to feel his way across his body.  As one hand tweaked at his nipple, the other found its way to his cock!  Tugging at the semi-erect meat, it did not take long for Max_Cocky to get hard.  The tugging soon became stroking and soon he was no longer moving to the music.  Max_Cocky had found his way back to the couch and was now simply fucking his cock up into his fist.  His balls bouncing off the couch as he buried his meat to the hilt with each thrust of his hips.  Based on his movements, Max_Cocky wanted to get off almost as badly as I did!  His hips began to settle and soon his hand simply blurred along his flesh as his balls soon began to tighten.  With a few more strokes of his hand, Max_Cocky let his man milk fly, drenching his body in cum.


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