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After going to the gym this morning, I was feeling pretty worked up.  I decided to log into SuperMen and take care of “my business” before heading into work.  It didn’t take much time for me to find MuscleAndSex and it took even less for me to decide on him.

When I entered his show, MuscleAndSex was simply relaxing on the couch waiting for someone to come say hello.  His smooth, muscled torso was on full display, so rather than immediately starting a conversation, I simply took a moment to admire his body.  MuscleAndSex was damn near perfection!  After taking my moment, I began chatting with him.  We started with just some small talk, but MuscleAndSex quickly shifted the conversation towards sex.  Who am I to complain, though?  Between his perfectly, muscled body, the sex talk, and my previous “business,” it didn’t take long for me to take MuscleAndSex private.

Once we had the room, MuscleAndSex stood from the couch and began flexing for me.  His muscles bulged as he shifted from one pose to the next, but my attention was on a different bulge.  The metallic fabric of his briefs just highlighted it so well!  As he finished his final pose, MuscleAndSex began to slowly push the briefs from his hips, eventually letting them simply fall to the ground.  Now completely naked, MuscleAndSex began to tug at the foreskin of his cock, stretching it past his head with each pull.  His cock quickly grew and soon he was tugging on more than just his foreskin.  Sliding his hand along the full length of his cock, MuscleAndSex wasted no time getting into a rhythm.  His hips bucked as he began to fuck his cock through his hand.  Moaning with pleasure, MuscleAndSex continued to hammer his cock with his hand as precum began to gush from his head.  The clear liquid only allowed him to pleasure himself more.  As his hand blurred along his cock, his balls drew close.  MuscleAndSex was quickly approaching orgasm and so was I!

With a few more strokes of his hand, MuscleAndSex slipped over the edge, releasing a torrent of cum across the room.  Pulling the last drops from his cock, MuscleAndSex ended the show by cleaning up his mess… with his mouth.


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