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They say variety is the spice of life… So I figured I try some chocolate today. 

I logged into SuperMen and within moments of browsing through guys, I found aaron_evanss.  Smooth, muscled body, chiseled good looks, and a cock that simply begged for attention; he was definitely the one!  I entered his public chat and found him seated in a pair of striped trunks.  He was even more gorgeous than his photos portrayed!  I wasted no time in starting a conversation with aaron_evanss.  It quickly became apparent that aaron_evanss was looking to get off, so it was an easy decision to take him private.

As the two of us continued to get to know each other in our private chat, aaron_evanss slowly began to rub himself through the fabric of his trunks.  His cock grew steadily, straining the fabric more and more as he got hard.  Much to my delight, aaron_evanss reached beneath his trunks and pulled his now-erect cock free from their constraints.  With his massive meat now resting on his abdomen, aaron_evanss spit into his hand before reclaiming his cock.  Using his spit as lube, he slowly slid his hand up and down his cock as he leaned back into his computer chair.  His pace remained steady as he moaned in pleasure.

“You want this cock?”

Did I ever?!  Reacting to my obvious desire of him, aaron_evanss smacked his cock into his open palm before grabbing hold with both hands.  Thrusting his hips upward, aaron_evanss began to fuck his cock through his fists.  Leaning forward to “lube” up his cock with more spit, he did not hesitate.  His balls bouncing as he buried his cock to the hilt.  His moaning intensified as his thrusting continued.  His balls were soon bouncing less and within moments aaron_evanss was drenching himself in his creamy man milk!  His warm load pooled in the ripples of his abdomen as he slowly came down from his intense orgasm.


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