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It had been a long day a work, so when I got home last night, I just wanted to get off and get to bed.  And there’s only one sure way to do that:!  So I logged in and started browsing.

After some searching, I found Vilimir and decided to check out his public chat.  Much to my disappointment, when I entered his public chat Vilimir was still fully clothed, but I figured I’d stick around for a while nonetheless.  As we began to chat, the fact that Vilimir was still wearing all his clothes didn’t really bother me.  He was just so funny and charming that it never really bothered me!  Like I said earlier, though, I was just trying to get off, so I began steering the conversation towards sex.  With that came a loss of clothing, too!  I wanted to see some skin and Vilimir wanted to please, so he slipped out of his shirts and into my fantasies.  I didn’t waste anymore time; I took Vilimir private.

Now that we were alone, Vilimir continued to get comfortable.  Standing up out of his chair, Vilimir slowly began to unbutton his jeans and slide them from his hips.  Letting them fall to the floor, his hands danced across his body.  After tugging at his nipples for a moment, they once again found their way at his waist, this time at the waistband of his briefs.  With a singular push, his briefs fell to the floor, thus exposing his semi-erect cock and low-hangers.  By gently tugging at his cock he went from semi-erect to rock hard in mere moments.  His low-hanging balls already swinging as he played with himself.  Returning to his seat, Vilimir took hold his cock and really started to go at it.  His hand slid effortlessly across his flesh as he moaned in pleasure.  Precum soon flowed freely as he pounded his meat with abandon.  I watched in amazement as his balls drew closer with each stroke of his hand.  Just when I thought Vilimir was going to burst, his stroking slowed and he eased himself from the edge.  Once he had regained some of his composure, Vilimir resumed his intense stroking.  Edging himself closer and closer towards orgasm, Vilimir repeated this cycle three times before letting himself slip.  A massive load exploded from his cock, coating him from neck to navel in creamy cum. 

And with a very satisfied sigh, Vilimir ended his show and I began cleaning up my own mess.


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