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I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, when I signed onto SuperMen earlier, so I just started browsing and came across Kristian_Pitt.  He was pretty cute, so I figured I’d check out his public chat.

I found him just relaxing on the couch without a shirt on.  His smooth chest, devoid of any fur, and his boyish good looks definitely caught my attention.  We started chatting and he had me laughing almost immediately.  He was just so damn witty!  As we continued talking, Kristian_Pitt quickly became more and more attractive to me.  I decided I’d seen enough; I took Kristian_Pitt private so that we could start the real show.

He wasted little time once we had the room.  Kristian_Pitt immediately stood from the couch and began to dance for me.  His hands soon found their way to his jeans, which quickly fell to the ground.  Now wearing nothing but a pair of simple, gray boxer briefs, Kristian_Pitt let his hands slide across his body.  While one hand gently tugged at his nipple, the other found its way to the growing bulge in his underwear.  As he lightly stroked himself through the fabric, his cock became more and more prominent.  Precum began to seep through the thin material as it pooled her the tip of his dick.  Kristian_Pitt – and I – needed more than just light stroking, though.  With a loud smack his cock bounced free as Kristian_Pitt pushed his underwear to the floor.  A trail of precum connected his hairless abdomen to his cock as Kristian_Pitt simply relaxed for a moment.  Now ready to play, Kristian_Pitt took hold of his cock and began to stroke himself.  His hand slid along the thick flesh as he moaned in ecstasy.  Growing restless, Kristian_Pitt’s stroking hastened and his breathing became heavier.  Pounding at his meat with abandon, his balls quickly drew near as he approached orgasm.  Kristian_Pitt did not slow his pace, though; he was ready to shoot that load and I wanted it!

With one final tug of his meat, Kristian_Pitt let a fountain of cum explode from his cock.  The creamy liquid gushed forth, coating his hand and the floor.  Whilst licking his fingers clean of his mess, Kristian_Pitt ended the show.


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