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It had been an exhausting weekend, so when I finally had a moment to relax last night, I took full advantage of it!  I logged into SuperMen and started looking for someone to “relax” with.  After some searching, I found AbrahamVega.

I found AbrahamVega relaxing on the couch in his public chat.  He was wearing a pair of white briefs, his legs spread to provide the perfect view of his bulge.  It was a nice image!  I couldn’t just ogle him, though, so I struck up a conversation with AbrahamVega.  We started with the basics – where are you from, how old are you, etc. – but we quickly got to the good stuff.  Hearing AbrahamVega discuss what turns him on and how badly he wants to get off was all it took for me to make my next move.  I took AbrahamVega private.

As he leaned into the couch and got more comfortable in our private chat, AbrahamVega slowly began to play with himself through the thin fabric of his white briefs.  Steadily his cock grew beneath the fabric; a puddle formed as precum flowed from the tip.  Reaching beneath the waistband, AbrahamVega took hold of his dick.  Pushing the fabric down with his fist, AbrahamVega provided me with my first glimpse of his cock.  With the waistband of his briefs now tucked beneath his balls, he began to stroke himself.  The precum flowing down his cock provided the perfect amount of lubrication for his hand to slide easily along his flesh.  As he continued to tug at his meat with his right hand, AbrahamVega used his left to push his briefs to the floor.  Now without limitations, he spread his legs wide and pulled his feet onto the coach.  Leaning back further into the couch gave AbrahamVega access to his hole, which he took full advantage of.  Slicking his fingers up with precum and spit, AbrahamVega slowly pushed two fingers into his tight hole.  With a gasp, his fingers slid in; a river of precum poured from his cock as he began to slowly fuck himself this his fingers.  Between his hand pounding away at his cock and his fingers buried deep inside his ass, AbrahamVega was not going to last long… and nor was I! 

It took about two more minutes before AbrahamVega was shooting his load, his fingers still inside his hole as he drenched himself in his cream man-milk!


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