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I woke this morning fucking hard as a rock!  I tried ignoring it, but that wasn’t really working… So, I logged into SuperMen and started looking for some “relief.”  Within seconds, I found Aldo_Harry.

I immediately entered his public chat and found Aldo_Harry splayed out on the bed wearing nothing but a pair skimpy, teal Calvin Klein’s.  Talk about a first impression!  After taking a moment to simply admire his body, we started chatting.  Nothing too serious at first, but as we continued the conversation quickly turned to sex.  Between his smooth, muscled body on full display and all this talk of sex, I needed something a little less PG.  I took Aldo_Harry private hoping things would heat up.

And boy did they!  As soon as we went private, Aldo_Harry stood from the bed and began to pose.  Flexing each of his perfectly sculpted muscles for me before slowly pushing his Calvin’s to the floor.  As his hands slid across his unclothed body, his hips swayed sensually to the music.  His hands soon found their final destination, though:  his cock.  Taking hold of his flaccid dick, Aldo_Harry began to tug at his foreskin, quickly eliciting a response.  Now completely erect, he spit into his hand and took hold yet again.  His hand began to slide along the silky flesh, as he leaned back onto the bed.  As he relaxed into this position, Aldo_Harry’s pace intensified and his balls began to bounce with each stroke of his hand.  His body tensed with each passing minute and soon he was at the precipice of orgasm.  Thrusting his hips into his stroke, Aldo_Harry released a massive load.

After drenching his muscled body from neck to navel, his creamy load continued to leak from his now spent cock.  As he slowly came down from his intense orgasm, he wished me farewell and ended the show, which meant it was time for me to clean up my own mess and get to work.


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