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After this past weekend, all I needed was some R&R!  I hopped into bed, logged into, and started looking for someone willing to help.  Thankfully I didn’t have to search for that long.

SuperDean6719’s profile immediately caught my attention.  I mean how could I resist with an ass like that!  I entered his public chat and found him sitting shirtless in front of the camera.  The two of us quickly began to chat, just covering the basics at first, but as the conversation continued the topic soon shifted.  We began discussing everyone’s favorite subject: sex.  This of course led to the realization that I wanted more of SuperDean6719!

I decided to continue this conversation with SuperDean6719 in private.  With the room to ourselves, SuperDean6719 adjusted the camera so that I could see more than just his bust.  It quickly became clear that I wasn’t the only one “effected” by our conversation.  His hard cock outlined clearly beneath the fabric of his underwear.  With a little bit of persuasion, SuperDean6719 hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband and pushed his underwear to the ground.  Snapping free from the confinement of his underwear, his rock-hard cock quickly found its way into his grip.  SuperDean6719 slowly began to stroke his meat, letting his hand slide along his full shaft.  Precum flowed steadily as his stroking continued allowing his hand to slide more easily up and down.  SuperDean6719’s pace intensified and soon his hand began to blur.  His balls tightened as he pounded his cock with abandon. 

Within moments, SuperDean6719’s cock exploded with cum!  By the end of his orgasm, SuperDean6719 was drenched in his own creamy man-milk and I was ready for a nap.


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