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I had been outside working in the yard all day, so when I finally came in I need to things:  a cold shower and to get off!  The first part was easy; I jumped into the shower and rinsed off all that sweat from a hard day’s work.  The second part required a little bit more work…

I logged into SuperMen.com and started browsing through the available guys.  After a little bit of searching, I found JifeyXXL and clicked into his chat room.  When I found him, JifeyXXL was just sitting on the couch waiting for someone.  He was shirtless, which was a definite plus as it allowed me to check out his smooth, toned body, so after I’d checked him out for a little, we started chatting.  Turns out, JifeyXXL was just as ready to get off as I was!  Rather than wasting any time in the public chat, I decided to take JifeyXXL private, so we could get right to “business.”

Adjusting the camera so I could see more of him, JifeyXXL wasted little time getting the show started once we went private.  Standing from couch, JifeyXXL slowly began to move his hips to the music he had playing.  His body moving seamlessly to the rhythm of the music as his hands slid over his torso.  As his hands reached his jeans, JifeyXXL pushed the button free and let the smooth motion of his hips push them to the floor.  Now wearing only his black trunks, it became clear just how badly JifeyXXL needed to get off.  His thick, cock outlined perfectly by the thin fabric of his underwear, a wet spot already forming near the head.   Hooking his thumbs beneath the waistband of his trunks, JifeyXXL began to push them past his hips; within moments they fell to the floor and his rock-hard cock bounced free.  JifeyXXL quickly took hold of his meat and began tugging at it.  Sliding his hand along the full shaft as he moaned with pleasure.  Precum continued to flow as JifeyXXL’s pace intensified.  His hand blurred as it slid along his flesh, his balls swinging with each movement.  His balls did not swing for long, though.  With each stroke of his hand, his balls tightened and soon he was at the cusp of orgasm.

It was not long before JifeyXXL shot his load directly into camera!  Shot after shot of his milky load barreled into camera before hitting the ground.  Cum continued to fall as JifeyXXL milked the last few drops from his spent cock. 


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