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I had just gotten back from the gym, which always gets me hard, so I needed to take care of that ASAP.  I quickly logged into and started searching.  Thankfully, I found MaximilianSxx within mere moments.  I entered his public chat and wasted no time getting things started.

I tried to be cordial at first, but with MaximilianSxx in nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs I couldn’t contain my sexual urges.  I wanted him and he knew it.  MaximilianSxx started teasing me.  Pushing his briefs low enough to provide a glimpse before quickly pulling them up, rubbing his hardening cock through the thin fabric of his briefs as he moaned in ecstasy.  Those moans were the last straw!  I took MaximilianSxx private.

With no one to disturb us, MaximilianSxx grabbed his cock and pulled it free from his briefs.  Stroking his cock almost immediately, the waistband of his briefs tucked securely beneath his balls.  Precum slowly fell from his cock as his foreskin slid along his head with each stroke.  Without letting go of his dick, MaximilianSxx pushed his briefs completely off with his free hand.  Leaning back onto the bed, he pulled his knees up and exposed his tight, pink hole.  Whilst stroking his leaking cock with one hand, MaximilianSxx used his other hand to toy with his ass; slowly pushing one then two fingers deep inside.  Soon he was full on finger-fucking himself!  His balls quickly drew close as he was reaching the point of no return.  With one final stroke of his hand, MaximilianSxx let his cum fly!  Fingers still deep inside of his tight ass.  Drenched in his own cum, MaximilianSxx ended the show completely satisfied.


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