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I must have had some pretty good dreams, because when I woke up I had some serious morning wood.  There was no ignoring it, so I rolled out of bed, logged into SuperMen.com, and started searching for someone to help.  Thankfully, it wasn’t long before I found AkioSato.

I entered his public chat to find AkioSato just lounging on the couch waiting for someone to say hello, so that’s exactly what I did.  The two of us began to chat and quickly hit it off.  I was even able to get him out of his shirt… Woof!  Seeing his fur-covered chest was all it took for me to take AkioSato private.

With no one to distract us, AkioSato continued removing clothing.  Starting first with his shorts, AkioSato slowly slid the fabric from his hips.  My eyes wandered up and down his body as he slid his thumbs beneath the waistband of his trunks.  With a singular push, the trunks fell to the floor and AkioSato now stood completely naked.  I could not look away as AkioSato slowly began to tug at the foreskin of his flaccid cock.  Within moments, his dick had grown to full length.  Sliding his hand along the silky flesh of his shaft, AkioSato had shifted from simple tugs of his foreskin to full strokes of his meat.  As he continued to pull at his cock, his stroking became more frenzied.  His balls bounced as his hand slid rapidly up-and-down his dick.  Whilst moaning in pleasure, AkioSato reached up with his hand to toy with nipples.  His fingers tugging at the sensitive skin of nipples is all it took to send him over the edge.

With a primal moan, AkioSato released his massive load.  Drenching the floor with stream after stream of his cum, AkioSato continued to pull every last drip from his softening cock… What a way to wake up!


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