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I’d just gotten home from work and needed to get off and get to bed.  After logging onto SuperMen, I quickly began my search for relief.  It took mere moments to find EdwinStalker.  From his profile picture alone, I knew that EdwinStalker would be all the help I’d need.

I’d entered his public chat and was more than pleased to find EdwinStalker shirtless in front of the camera.  His smooth, muscled chest was on full display as he lounged on the couch, and I was already his.  We began to chat, but my mind was on one thing:  sex.  I wanted to get EdwinStalker naked and see him pleasure himself.  I saw no point in wasting any more time; I took EdwinStalker private.

Standing from couch, EdwinStalker began to pose for me the moment we went private.  Flexing each of his perfected muscles, EdwinStalker teased me with his body before fully undressing.  Pushing his shorts AND briefs to the floor, there was no time to waste.  EdwinStalker was ready for some fun and so was I!  Taking hold of his already erect cock, EdwinStalker began sliding his hand along his rigid flesh.  Precum began gushing forth as his hand slid up-and-down.  As the precum continued to flow, his hand slid faster along the silky flesh.  Soon his hand began to blur and his balls swung wildly.  That wouldn’t last long though…

As he continued to just pound at his cock, his balls drew close and orgasm became imminent.  With one final stroke of his hand, EdwinStalker released a torrent of cum!  His creamy man-milk had blasted all the way up his chest and onto his cheek.  And there’s only one way to clean that kind of mess up… 


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