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I’d just gotten back from the gym, which ALWAYS gets my blood pumping, so I needed to get off!  I quickly logged into SuperMen.com and started looking for someone that could help me out.  With a little bit of effort, I found EdwinBull and knew he’d be able to help!

Upon entering EdwinBull’s public chat, I found him shirtless on the couch.  The sight of his smooth, muscled chest was a perfect way to start the show, so after I’d taken my time admiring his body, we began chatting.  Unfortunately, seeing his unclothed body was more than distracting.  I needed to see more of EdwinBull and couldn’t wait any longer; I took him private.

Without any others in the room, EdwinBull was now able to focus solely on me.  Standing from the couch, he hips began to slowly sway.  Whilst his muscled body undulated, his hands slid across his torso, eventually working their way lower.  Upon reaching the waistband of his shorts, EdwinBull slowly began to push.  As the fabric fell, it quickly became evident that EdwinBull had not been wearing underwear!  With his shorts now on the floor, EdwinBull quickly began to tug at the foreskin of his flaccid cock.  It was not long before EdwinBull was stroking his fully erect dick, his hand sliding from base to tip with ease.  His stroking quickly intensified as his show continued.  Moaning in pleasure, EdwinBull furiously pounded his meat, his balls drawing closer and closer with each stroke.

With a primal growl, his muscles tensed and EdwinBull released a torrent of cum.  Stream after stream of his creamy man-milk flew through the air before falling to the ground.  As cum continued to fall from his softening cock, EdwinBull ended his show.


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