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I logged onto SuperMen without any expectations earlier.  I was bored and knew I’d be able to have some fun on there. 

Upon finding YoungMmm’s profile, I decided to check out his show.  He wasn’t my necessarily “my type,” but there was something enticing about him so I took a chance.  I entered his public chat and found him sitting at the computer listening to music.  He was cute, though, so I decided to stay.  We started chatting and things were really going well.  YoungMmm was smart and witty; he was incredibly flirtatious, which only added to my attraction.  I was have fun with YoungMmm, but wanted more than just talk.  I decided to take YoungMmm private and let things happen naturally.

With the music still playing, YoungMmm stood from his chair and immediately began to dance for me in our private chat.  His body moving rhythmically with the music as he slowly undressed.  Pulling his sweater over his head, I got my first glimpse of YoungMmm’s body.  My eyes immediately went to the dusting of fur over his body.  Following the trail of fur, my eyes settled on his hands, which were slowly unbuttoning his jeans.  Rather than simply removing his jeans, though, YoungMmm hooked his beneath the waistband of his briefs and pushed them both to the floor.  Now completely naked, his flaccid cock lay atop his massive, low-hanging balls.  Begging for attention, YoungMmm took hold of his dick and began to pleasure himself.  Quickly his cock grew to full length as he continued to stroke.  As his hand began to blur, those low-hangers of his began swinging wildly, and soon the sounds of YoungMmm’s balls slapping against his hand filled the room.  Based on the moans coming from YoungMmm’s mouth, he would not last long at this pace, though.  Within moments the slapping of his balls had subsided as they drew close.  He was at the brink of orgasm.

As his hand slid one final time along the shaft of his cock, YoungMmm let his cum fly!  After drenching his fur-dusted torso – and the floor - in his creamy man-milk, both YoungMmm and myself were left satisfied and spent.


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