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I wanted something different, when I logged into SuperMen last night; I just had enough of the smooth, muscle studs.  Thankfully, there’s something for all tastes on

So after a little bit of searching, I was able to find Zartes_Fleisch.  He was different, but I found that to be exciting.  I wasted not time in starting a conversation with Zartes_Fleisch, when I entered his room.  As we conversed, it quickly became apparent that Zartes_Fleisch was more passive than my “typical” guy, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing just different.  After all, I wanted something different, right?  After accepting my new role as the dominant, things got a little more interesting with Zartes_Fleisch, but we needed a little privacy. 

I took Zartes_Fleisch private so that we could continue talking, and things really started heating up.  A little encouragement to play with himself was all it took for Zartes_Fleisch to start rubbing his cock through his jock.  I watched intently as Zartes_Fleisch’s cock steadily grew beneath the fabric.  I wanted more, though, and Zartes_Fleisch was there to please. 

“Why don’t you get rid of that jock and really start playing?”

That was all the encouragement it took for Zartes_Fleisch to get naked.  He quickly removed his jock and pulled his knees to his chest.  With his hole now exposed, both Zartes_Fleisch and I had the same goal in mind.  Gently he began applying pressure to his rosebud with his fingers till they slid smoothly inside of his tight hole.  Pushing in deeper, Zartes_Fleisch began to slowly fuck himself.  Gripping hold of his cock, Zartes_Fleisch tugged at his meet whilst pounding his hole with two fingers.  His moans intensified as his hands blurred; the pleasure was becoming too much.  Within minutes, Zartes_Fleisch was ready to cum, but wanted my permission first.  What a good pup!  After getting my blessing, Zartes_Fleisch drenched himself in his creamy man-milk with his fingers still deep within his ass.


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