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I got home from work and needed two things:  a hot shower and an intense orgasm.  Figured I’d start with the latter and then clean up after, so I logged onto SuperMen.  Thankfully, it wasn’t long before I found DavidTrue.

I entered his public chat to find DavidTrue sitting shirtless in front of the camera.  We quickly began chatting and things were going really well.  We covered the basics at first, but quickly transitioned to a more compelling subject:  sex.  DavidTrue and I discussed both of our likes and dislikes, our fantasies and our desires.  All of it just made me want to get off even more!  I was done just talking about sex.  I took DavidTrue private, so we could really explore our sexual interests.

Once we went private, DavidTrue began to really turn up the volume.  Standing from his chair, DavidTrue wasted no time shoving his trunks to the floor.  Already semi-erect, DavidTrue quickly took hold of his thick, uncut cock and started playing.  With his dick now fully erect his stroking became more deliberate; he wanted to get off and I was right there with him.  Pumping away at his meat, precum flowed steadily as his balls tightened with each stroke.  His intensity did not waiver, though.  DavidTrue pounded away at his cock till he could hold back no longer.  Torrents of cum came flying out of DavidTrue’s thick dick as he continued stroking.  He milked every last drop of cum from his softening cock before licking his fingers clean of his creamy man-milk… Yummy!


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