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I woke up Sunday feeling refreshed and well rested, but with a bit of a problem… I had some SERIOUS morning wood and my roommates were all home, so I couldn’t risk walking through the house!

I logged into SuperMen and quickly found someone to help me with my problem.  Tristan_Vic was perfect:  young, toned, and covered in the perfect amount of fur.  When I entered his public chat, he was already stripped down to his underwear and dancing to the music he had playing in the background.  As I watched in awe, the two of us began to chat.  It turns out that Tristan_Vic was a stripper from Latvia and I was his first customer on SuperMen!  Must have been my lucky day.  We continued to chat, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of his body!  I needed more, so I took Tristan_Vic private.

The show simply continued once we went private.  Tristan_Vic’s hips moved effortlessly to the music as he slowly pushed his underwear from his hips.  As the polka dotted fabric fell to the ground, his thick, uncut cock became visible for the first time.  Taking hold of his flaccid member, Tristan_Vic began to pull and tug at himself, quickly eliciting a response.  With his cock now hard, Tristan_Vic’s hand slid smoothly along the full length of his flesh.  Precum fell from his head as his hand gripped tighter.  Moaning with pleasure, Tristan_Vic continued to pound at his cock; his balls slowly drawing close with each stroke. 

Tristan_Vic could hold out no longer though!  With his hand still blurring along his engorged flesh, cum burst from his cock.  The creamy man-milk flew through the air as stream after stream blasted from his dick.  Tristan_Vic relaxed back into his chair as his spent cock slowly softened; cum still dripping as he ended the show.


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