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I was bored sitting at home, so I figured I’d check out what was happening on  I logged in and started browsing, when I found BlueDesire.  His profile pictures screamed, “Come hither,” and I simply couldn’t resist.

I entered his public chat, and found BlueDesire sitting in front of the camera completely clothed.  Although initially disappointed by the amount of clothing he still had on, as BlueDesire and I began to chat it became clear that they would not last for long.  In fact, shortly thereafter BlueDesire removed his shirt; allowing me to see his perfectly sculpted, tattooed body.  That was all it took for me to know I wanted more.  I took BlueDesire private.

Once we were alone, BlueDesire had no problem removing clothing.  Stranding from his chair, he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them to the floor.  Now wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy trunks, BlueDesire left little to the imagination.  His cock stood tall beneath the fabric of his underwear, a pool of precum already leaking through.  Hooking his fingers beneath the waistband, he pushed.  As they too fell to the floor, his cock bounced free.  With his cock still swinging from side to side, BlueDesire asked, “Are you ready for this?”  Boy was I ever!  Taking hold of his monstrous meat, he began playing with himself.  Slowly stroking before grabbing hold and smacking his cock into his free hand.  Precum flew through the air as his dick made contact with his hand.  Quickly resuming his stroking, BlueDesire used his spit and precum to lube up his meat.  His hand soon blurred along the shaft as he furiously pounded away at his cock.   With each stroke of his hands, his balls drew closer, no longer swinging wildly as they once did.

BlueDesire released a primal moan before drenching himself in his massive load.  Cum flew from his cock, covering his chest and abdomen in the creamy liquid.  As his warm man-milk pooled in his rippled abs, BlueDesire ended his show.


WebCam SuperMen

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