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I’d just gotten done working out in the yard, when I decided to log into SuperMen.  All that manual labor had gotten my blood pumping and I needed to get off… quick!  After a little bit of searching, I found WadeBarnes and decided to check him out.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as unclothed in his public chat as he was in his profile picture, but he was still fucking hot!  He had this James Dean kind of vibe to him, which definitely added to his attraction.  We started chatting and things escalated quickly; I told you I needed to cum!  As we were discussing what turns each of us on, I couldn’t help but notice that WadeBarnes’ arm hand begun to move quite distinctively.  He was playing with himself!  Seeing that made my decision easy, and I immediately started a private chat.

His arm did not stop once we went private.  Instead, WadeBarnes simply adjusted the camera, so that I could actually see what he was doing.  Still in his t-shirt and jeans, WadeBarnes was rubbing his cock.  That alone was turning me on, but I wanted to see some skin!  As if he was reading my mind, WadeBarnes stood from his chair and began undressing.  First pulling his shirt from over his head, and then unbuttoning his jeans so they could fall to the floor.  Now wearing only his trunks, WadeBarnes sat back in his chair and continued to play.  Slowly he tugged at his now erect cock through the fabric of his underwear, a puddle of precum forming with each stroke.  Lifting the waistband of his trunks, WadeBarnes took hold of his thick, uncut cock.  After tucking his underwear beneath the weight of his hefty balls, WadeBarnes slid his finger along the head of his cock, collecting a generous amount of precum.  Raising it to his lips, WadeBarnes sucked the clear fluid of his finger with a resounding, “Mmm.”  With his finger still in his mouth, WadeBarnes slowly began to slide his hand along the flesh of his cock.  As he continued pleasuring himself, his strokes intensified.  Soon his hand blurred up-and-down the entirety of his shaft as his balls tightened beneath.

With one final stoke, WadeBarnes released a torrent of cum into the air.  Splattering his chest – and neck – in the creamy liquid as it continued to pour from his pulsating cock.  As he settled from his orgasm, WadeBarnes once again slid his finger along the tip of his cock; this time collecting a hefty glob of cum, which he greedily licked up…. Mmm!


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