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Everyone in awhile, you need to expand your horizons and try something a little different.  Last night I’d decided that I was going to do just that.  And that’s precisely how I found loveisbestfor on SuperMen.

Upon entering his private chat, loveisbestfor and I quickly began chatting.  He was just lounging in bed, his feet up in the air and his unclothed ass bouncing to the music he had playing.  That’s right; you read that correctly:  UNCLOTHED ass!  loveisbestfor was lounging in a jockstrap, which highlighted his ASSests quite nicely.  Distractedly I continued chatting with loveisbestfor, but watching that ass bounce proved to be too much.  I took him private!

Now that we were alone, loveisbestfor quickly rolled to his back and pulled his knees to his chest.  With his hole now fully exposed, gently he pressed his fingers against it.  As the pressure increased, his hole gave way; allowing his fingers to slip deep inside.  Moaning in pleasure as he worked his fingers in-and-out of his ass, the bulge of his jock grew quickly.  Without stopping, loveisbestfor pulled his now erect cock from his jock and began to jerk himself off.  Whilst his one hand was buried deep within his ass, loveisbestfor pounded away at his cock.  Precum began flowing steadily from his cock as his moans intensified.  It was clear that the pleasure coming would soon overwhelm loveisbestfor.  He showed no signs of slowing down, though.  He simply continued to pound away at his cock and ass. 

His fingers still buried deep within his hole, loveisbestfor could hold out no longer!  Let released a fountain of cum from his cock, drenching himself in the creamy man-milk.  Falling back into the bed, loveisbestfor let his fingers fall from his ass as he basked in his intense orgasm.


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