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I’d just finished dinner, when I logged into  Dinner was good, but I was definitely ready for some dessert!  After a little bit of searching, I found TonyHarris1 and he looked good enough to eat.

I entered his public chat and found him relaxing on the couch.  Unfortunately, he was still clothed, but with a little bit of luck that wouldn’t last long.  We began chatting, flirting a little bit.  Things were going well; I even convinced him to take off his shirt!  With his smooth torso now on full display, our conversation quickly became more sexualized.  As things intensified, I simply couldn’t contain myself any longer.  I took TonyHarris1 private.

With the room now to us, TonyHarris1 wasted little time in removing the rest of his clothing.  Hooking his fingers below the waistband of his trunks, he pushed them to the floor along with his shorts.  Taking hold of his hardening cock, TonyHarris1 slowly began to tug at his flesh.  Within moments, he was rock hard and sliding his hand along the full length of his shaft.  As he settled into a pace, TonyHarris1 pulled his feet onto the couch and exposed his hole for the first time.  Begging for attention, he slowly began to circle his fingers along the outer edge of his tight rosebud.  Gently he applied more and more pressure until his fingers slid deep inside.  Gasping as his fingers slid deeper, TonyHarris1 continued to slowly stroke his cock.  His stroking soon intensified, though, as he began fucking himself more vigorously.   Between his hand blurring along his dick and his fingers pounding at his hole, TonyHarris1 was not going to last much longer. 

His balls drew close and with a primal growl, TonyHarris1 let forth a torrent of cum.  As stream after stream flew through the air, TonyHarris1 continued to pound at his ass.  Milking the final drops from his spent cock, TonyHarris1 bid me farewell with a simply nod of his head.  His hands were all “tied up” after all.


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